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How a Savvy Attorney Adds Value to Your Business Sale Price

Speak with Owners Week for to setup for a free consultation with a legal professional in your area. Find out how effective contracts are used to keep more money for business sellers.

Liz Oliner

CPA, Partner @ Crowley and Spinzter
Manufacturing and Dist. Practice.

Not any attorney can help sell a business. Start with someone who has deal experience.

This is an opportunity with no commitment to speak with a professional about how to get the best return on your business.

We understand that many small business owners have established relationships with a business lawyer over the years, and as a matter of course decide to have this lawyer handle the sale. If your attorney is very experienced in all aspects of transition plans, this may very well be a wise course of action.

However, before automatically going with your tried-and-true business attorney, make sure that he or she is familiar with all the legal aspects of selling a business. Business sales–whether an outright sale or a merger or acquisition–require a high level of expertise in the area and time to devote to process.

How an Owners Week Attorney Adds Value to Your Transaction

Closing on a business can be a stressful time. There are multiple things that must be taken into account and the last thing that you want to do is wonder about if you have the right legal representation.

Working with Owners Week will ensure that you get a lawyer who has experience closing deals with companies just like yours. Working with Owners Week lawyers will provide two distinct advantages:

1. Experience transactional work – Owners Week lawyers understand the nuances of your industry and create documents that provide the best legal protections for your transaction

2. Time to close – Owners Week lawyers complete the transaction more quickly with the use of best practice legal documents ready to go from the beginning

Experienced Transactional Legal Work

Finding a lawyer who focuses doing transactional work can be challenging. And finding a lawyer who has extensive experience doing transactional work in your industry can be akin to looking for the preverbal needle in a haystack. Yet, those lawyers that have completed transaction in your industry will be the most valuable for your company when it is time to sell your company.

Owners Week is your source to find the right attorney for your transaction. An Owners Week lawyer approaches each transaction with an understanding of what are the key contractual issues in your industry. They will approach the deal with a checklist and contracts to cover the issues common to these types of transactions. Further, our lawyers know when to work with other professionals to get the deal done.

When selling a business, one of the main concerns is the liability an owner has if the new buyer is unable to successfully run the business. This is where having a lawyer that understands the business matter the most. Owners Week lawyers will put the right clauses and protections in place to ensure that the you get the best possible deal and don’t have to worry about future liabilities once the company is sold

Getting the Deal Done, Fast!

Preparation is the key factor when closing a transaction. Our lawyers will come to the transaction with a prototype stock purchase or asset purchase agreement, with all exhibits in place, which can be finalized without a great deal of investigation.

The negotiation process can be focused on the price and financing rather than the buyer’s effort to extract critical information from the seller, which damages the level of trust between buyer and seller.

Lawyers on Owners Week will protect your legitimate interests and shield you from potential liabilities at a reasonable cost and in a timely manner, but who will also strive to achieve your ultimate purpose — making the deal work. Finding the balance is one of the most difficult, but important parts that a lawyer plays in the transaction process.

A lawyer who has closed multiple deals with businesses in your industry will understand how to handle that balance and will be able to get the deal to “Yes” faster than an attorney that hasn’t.

Owners Week Can Help

Reach out to us now to help you find the attorney that will add value to the deal through his or her experience. We want to match you with the right person so that yo qur transaction goes as smoothly as possible. Please reach out to us today to find the right transactional lawyer for your company.