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July 24, 2021
How It Works?
1. Tell Us Your Needs
Answer a few questions to help us understand what you need from a business valuation.
2. Schedule the call
In preparation for the call, we compile comparable company valuations as reinforcement to make sure you have a tangible road map to the most favorable valuation.
3. Maximize business value
You will be equipped with a rigorous business valuation that can be used in several scenarios from estate planning, financing, or preparing to sell the business.

Solutions For Small Business Owners

Our solutions are built for small businesses with less than $50 million in annual revenue. We have advisors in nearly every industry and region with extensive transaction experience. Below are just a few examples of solutions we provided to help owners sell their small businesses.


$2M Annual revenue
50 Employees
Advisor Provided Lawyer Accountant CPA

"Using Owners Week allowed for a fast efficient close."


$1M Annual revenue
30 Employees
Advisor Provided Wealth Advisor Accountant CPA

"Advisor with experience in manufacturing allowed us to maximize the value of our sale."

Digital Marketing

$500k Annual Revenue
3 Employees
Advisor Provided CPA Broker

"A seamless process with advisors who truly understood my needs"


Case Study:

The value of having an advisor with experience in your industry
25% Increase in value
Exit planning with the right advisor can increase your company´s sell value by 25%.
Less Time on the Market
Having the right exit plan in place can reduce the time to get bought by 40%.
More Efficient
The best M&A advisors are able to complete high quality work in a reasonable time.

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Selling a Business

Speak with Owners Week for to setup for a free consultation with a legal professional in your area. Find out how effective contracts are used to keep more money for business sellers.

Choosing the wrong sell side advisor can cost a business owner hundreds of thousands, if not millons of dollars in sale proceeds.

When it comes to the sale of a business, there are a number of costs – both expected and unplanned – all business owners should understand before they agree to sell their business.

In our practice we work with many business owners, many of whom have used these last few coronavirus-dominated months to reevaluate their businesses, their work and their lives.